Comic 136 - Act 4, Page 15

26th Dec 2015, 12:00 AM in Fight Fire with Fire
Act 4, Page 15
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melaredblu 26th Dec 2015, 5:07 PM edit delete reply
Man, I used to watch Sailor Moon all the time as a kid, so when I saw the title and banner art, I got curious. I have to say, I really like this reinterpretation of yours. I couldn't put it down! It's so much more exciting than the manga and I really like how you've created Usagi as a character. I never liked her very much in the show, but here, I can't help being sucked in. I'm so excited to see how this comic is going to develop!
mfox151 26th Dec 2015, 10:47 PM edit delete reply
Thanks so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying this! I have such fond memories of the anime, but Usagi was not my favorite character, either! Saturn all the way!
melaredblu 27th Dec 2015, 12:54 AM edit delete reply
Saturn was your favorite too? I think we're going to get along just swimmingly.
mfox151 28th Dec 2015, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
Glad to meet you Melaredblu!
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